Pom Pom Print Hanger

Pom Pom Print Hanger

  • $23.00

We can never have two many pom poms!

Hang your favourite print or one of our Always More Pom Poms Print using our Winter & Vine Print Hanger(c). 

Measuring 25cm long, suitable for A5, A4 prints. Can fit most A3 prints depending on the weight of the print.

Handmade with quality European pine, natural timber beads and 3 mini woollen pom poms.

Our Scandi inspired Print Hanger uses magnets to hold your favourite print in place. Your Print Hanger also comes with one of our original banner prints. Printed on quality card. 

All hangers come with all natural blonde beads. Add a note on checkout if you would like to add one of our handpainted beads. Choose one colour from Blue Grey, Pastel Pink, Lilac or Mint.