Product Safety & Care

Furniture/Decor Items:

Easily hang your Winter & Vine swing shelf over hooks, cup hooks, wall knobs, picture frame hooks or nails available at any hardware store. Ensure you fasten your shelf correctly according to the product instructions and adheres to the recommended weight restrictions. 

NOTE: Our shelves and hanging racks are not a toy and for display only. They should be fastened appropriately and out of reach from children.

Teething Block:

Our 'Barista In-Training' Teether is made from quality Beech Wood. Wood is naturally anti-bacterial and does not hold bacteria the same as plastic product.

You will not need to wash or soak your teether, if it does become wet simply rinse it off with a mild soap and air dry. As your teether is a natural product and will come to you raw you can also choose to seal your teether with an organic oil.

All teethers have been sanded to perfection with no splinters or sharp edges.

As with all baby products please use under supervision.