About Us

We are Winter and Vine, makers of the Original Beaded Mini Swing Shelf and The Little Dolly Swing. We share a love for Scandinavian design and Nordic finishes. Our designs are simplistic, playful and handmade with meticulous care. Winter and Vine was created to add a playful and practical touch to your kids nursery.


Winter and Vine Winter and Vine was born in Melbourne in 2016 as a kids décor brand growing from a local market stall to a thriving online retail business. Founder, Kimberley Glenny created Winter and Vine while on maternity leave with her second son. Kimberley worked in the marketing and media industry and was excited to explore a new creative outlet.

The first beaded swing shelf was created on a whim with the need to fill a market stall stand. Kimberley created a few mini swing shelves and brought these along to a local market, armed with photos to help describe what these odd shaped products were sitting on her stall. Overwhelmed with the loving feedback from customers, Kimberley found she was onto something. This was the beginning of Winter and Vine moving from a fun hobby to a new business venture.