"Devine" Large Hanging Rack and Swing Shelf Set

  • $75.00

Our Large Hanging Rack and Swing Shelf Set is made with a Tasmanian Oak rack, pine shelf, cotton sash rope and handpainted wooden beads.

Our hanging rack and swing shelf measures approximately 112cm long x 60cm wide.
Individually the hanging rack is 60cm in length and the swing shelf is 45cm long x 14cm width. Each piece can be hung as one piece or separately.

Made with a combination of natural blonde and hand painted timber beads. Had painted beads available in one, two or three colour combination. Advise upon check out on chosen colour.

Pastel Pink
Blue Grey
All Natural

Our hanging racks are made with loops on each end for easy hanging. We recommend cup hooks, heavy duty picture hooks or wall knobs, available at any hardware store. Ensure correct fastening is able to hold the weight of your hanging rack and contents.

NOTE: This hanging rack is not a toy and for display only. They should be fastened appropriately and out of reach from children.

*Made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks to dispatch - advise if urgent as may be able to rush order*

*Large Hanging Rack and Swing Shelf Only*
**Enquire for free pick up at any of our Melbourne Markets**

Photos by Rachael Winton Photography/ Spurlo Photography/ Kimberley Glenny